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Jamie Dalglish has written a series of poems based on the visual art of others. 
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 2011  The Narrative Statement of the Artist Jamie Dalglish  Painter New York NY  


I have been a professional artist living and working in New York City for more than four decades. I have exhibited my paintings here and abroad and in conjunction with these shows a number of catalogs have been produced and critical reviews and features have appeared in such international publications as Flash Art, Art in America, Art Forum, Art Net, Paper, NYARTS, Bomb, Details, Art News, Arts, and the Village Voice.

Statement of Future Plans by Jamie Dalglish

I have been asked often if I will continue painting morphoglyphs? I want to take the front seat of CulturalDNAism. I originated the word morphoglyph in 1991 to define my painting. Morphoglyph. Morpheus. The son of the God of Sleep. A living language of the soul. Yielding vision into changing form. Morph. Changing forms. Glyph a secret writing. Cryptography. I view my art as "Sui generis": a shared moment when some one's eye meets an other's seemingly held by their souls. So to answer may I continue morphoglph? It is the artifact between the I, and the we. Painting morphoglyphs is bridging dreams into visions. Wallace Stevens wrote "A poet's job is having nothing to do to do something". May I continue morphoglyph to paint morphoglyphs? I want to unbrand to do no brand. To do morphoglyphs is to do unbranded. He/she wants to fly like a butterfly into the air. Creating color on the surface of the morphoglyph paintings to reappear. The soul finds it's technique making available his gift. Timeless within time he's holding it near. Feeding on air. It is watching. Waiting. To reappear. Morphoglyphs. Draw. Throw. Pour. Scrape. This is an evolution for me, now is a time of change and reinvention, no longer working as an artistic duo (both in life and practice). My life and therefore work is set to transform in the wake of my recent divorce.


My works have always raised questions about technique. I give no one permission to answer, because it is in my own soul that I find technique. The French Philosopher, Merlo Ponte once said "The Painter takes his body with him." Art is the art of becoming art. Morphoglyphs are interactive art. The play of harmonic proportion. The formal approach being the perfectly cut equal birch panels.