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In 2007, the Fine Arts Museum La Chaux-de-Fonds (Switzerland) had the great pleasure and privilege to receive a donation on behalf of Olivier Mosset, of a part of his own art private collection. This generous gift symbolizes the tight relationship that binds the museum (and its previous director, Mr. Edmond Charrière) and Olivier Mosset.
 Today, we're finalizing the complete catalogue of this donation ("Collection Olivier Mosset, Fine Arts Museum, La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland") that is planned to being released in 2019.
Naturally, it was very important to us that the catalogue be illustrated (one illustration for every work) and is the reason why I am contacting you today, to ask your authorization to do a copyright transfer, concerning your work(s) of art present in the Collection Olivier Mosset. We would be very grateful if you could fill out and send me back the attached document(s), that would confirm your agreement, until the 15th of September.
I thank you very much for your kind understanding and collaboration.

Conservatrice assistante / Assistant Curator
T. direct + 41 32 967 65 64 -


"Gray Day," a work on two equal panels of
D’Arches Paper@25.75”x40" Overall@51.5” x 40”
by the Artist Jamie Dalglish Painter New York, NY
is hanging in the Broadway Gallery Booth at The Fountain Art Fair
69th Armory at 26th Street & Lexington Avenue
from Thursday, March 8 -Sunday, March 11th, 2012

Global Arts Projects Presents
The International Artists at Home and Abroad Exhibition Series
Broadway Gallery, NYC
January 17 - 31, 2011

"Portrait of the artist as a biker, Centre National dˆArt Contemporain de Grenoble, Grenoble, France"

(group show)


         The Broadway Gallery Show
   Cultural DNAism

The painter, Jamie Dalglish,  included in an art historic compilation at the Museum of Modern Art (New York City), "The Richard Bellamy Papers."

In December 2006, Broadway Gallery presented ¶-8 Daze/Week- The Los Alamos Morphoglyph, the solo show of artist Jamie Dalglish.

The exhibition brought together new paintings by the artist and featured a newly restored art talk show, "Talking Heads" (off camera/On camera) with conversations between David Byrne and Jeff Koons, Vito Acconci and Jeff Turtletaub.

Jamie Dalglish's art plows many fields. As a biophilist walking, his site ( contains many changing forms § nature/art/darkness/light/silence/chance/music/colour/poetry§his paintings are presentations of cinematic space/the story of his morphoglylph, which is the presence in dawn's early light or stopping light. The viewer extrapolates freely, letting go and levitating in a state of frottage. "Art is the art of becoming art. Without art and music, our daily lives would become intolerable." Nietzsche said, "We'd die from the truth." Jamie came back in August from camping in the Pecos Mountains. By horseback, outside Santa Fe, NM with his 83-year-young mentor and  American-Indian friend since he was 16 years old, he acknowledged the "Legendary Living Treasure of the West" as Tap Tapley. While memories lingered, he began work on a new series of 11 panels, and getting into that overall zone, produced ¶-8 DAZE/WEEK-The Los Alamos Morphoglyph." While Jamie's seminal video conversation installation from 1975, "Talking Heads¾ projects into the chamber of the Broadway Gallery, a registration of real time/sound§chance, ambience, mysterious tension, magic, the conversation in real time, we become Alien Genome Data, effecting DNA, affecting the protean presence overall§the din/trance/the ectoplasm of experiential reality§a clam's foot outside its shell, tellamancy in the sand, surface as many times as you dive..dive...dive.

Jamie Dalglish

304 E 8th St Apt 8, NY NY 10009 -  929-466-1395.  -


Born in Bryn Mawr, PA 1947

!970 Art Academy of Cincinnati (scholar)
1974 Graduated from Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) B.F.A. FAV
National Centre Experiments TV, San Francisco, Calif, 74.

2008 LIC Art Center Open Studios: Studio 512
2006 Saint Peter's Church New York NY
2005 Transparent Time, MATCH Artspace, New York, NY
2001 Novart, New York, NY
1997 Hvgo de Pagano Gallery, New York, NY
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1979 Port Washington Public Library, Port Washington, NY
1979 Nell Gifford Contemporary Painting, New York, NY

Global Arts Projects Presents The International Artists at Home and Abroad Exhibition Series
"The High Line Artist Walk Armory Show"  Saturday, March 6, 2010
Chelsea Studio #403  551 W 21st St  NY NY 10011
2009 The Pequot Library Show, Southport, CT
2005 Vice Versa, MATCH Artspace, New York NY
2003 Hypertexture  Florence Lynch Gallery New York, NY
1997 Solo: International Artists Established in NYC, curated by Hvgo de Pagano,
Museo de la Ciudad, Madrid, Spain.
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1989 Polaroid Corporation; Grant
2006-2007 Recipient Pollock-Krasner Foundation Grant Award

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ART IN AMERICA review, June 1989 (pdf file)
ART IN AMERICA review, February 2006 (pdf file)

Jamie Dalglish at Match Space (from ArtNet Magazine)
Article about Jamie and David Byrne in RSS Journal
"The Pure Abstractions of Jamie Dalglish" by Frederick Ted Castle (pdf file)
"JAMIE DALGLISH:  High Seriousness and the Play of Morphoglyphs" by Dominique Nahas (pdf file)
1996 Review of Jamie (from ArtNet Magazine)
pdf file about  "Aluminum Nights . . ." with video by John Cage, Jamie Dalglish, etc.
Flash Art article about Jamie Dalglish (1981)
Tap Tapley Film Project website
Review of Hansuel Urwyler with comments by Jamie Dalglish
Flux website

The New Museum: Bowery Artist Tribute Link

New Years Image
1975 NEW YEAR'S DAY-  "LIVE/ work  INSIDE/ outside"
Inside Jamie Dalglish's Parlor Floor Loft 52 Bond Street
ARTISTS; L-R,Mary Clarke on phone, Susan Dale, Andrea Kovacs, & Sally Sprinkle

Jamie and Carlos
 Outside on the Stoop of 52 Bond St 
ARTIST Jamie Dalglish standing and Carlos -"The Mayor of Bond Street" seated on stoop
Poloroids copyright (c) Artist Mary Clarke

Letters on behalf of Jamie
Guggenheim museum
Mark di Suvero


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