Jeff Koons on a Talking Heads video



  Jamie Dalglish's installation "Talking Heads" (1975),  is a video work consisting of 7.5 hours of conversation, in 30 minute segments, with 15 different people.  The host is David Byrne who remains off camera.  The ambient persona of each listener is colored by the information of the host. 

"Dalglish's 7.5 hour David Byrne video has become the Holy Grail of Talking Heads research."

-- David Bowman, This Must Be the Place, (Harper Colliins)


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David Byrne Interviews Jeff Koons 1975

David Byrne converstation with Vito Acconci, 52 Bond Street (1975)


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Jeff Koons:

Chris Frantz:

Jeff Turtletaub:

Vito Acconci:

Klaus Nomi sings Jamie's song "Three Wishes":

Jamie's short film "The Pecos Fulcrum / Wilderness Roll":

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